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About US




I defeat myself everyday.

I am compassionate and real.

I never give up.

I do everything at %100.

I always find or create a way.

I focus on what I want.

I correct and continue.

I support others, and allow others to support me.

I inspire; I empower; I set myself as an example.

As some of you know, and most of you will find out, “I AM ALFA” is not just catchy brand name, but a movement that is empowering people to create momentum and confidence in their lives. It is our vision and passion to provide you with a solid and transparent platform that showcases powerfully and tastefully who you are professionally and personally in sharing the wisdom and adversities that you have supernaturally overcame throughout your journey.


We are all ALFAs, but many of us are not aware of this!  We all have inspiring stories and valuable insights to share with the world, but many of us think our journey is not worthy to be mentioned. We have been taught to think that landing on the cover of a magazine is only for the rich and famous.  This is why “I AM ALFA” has emerged.   We are here to break the illusions and disillusions that people have come to believe by helping them rise up and taking hold of their SUPERPOWERS!!! 


Our message is very simple. EMPOWER, INSPIRE, SUPPORT, and REPEAT.


© 2019 I AM ALFA

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