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Welcome to the 'I AM ALFA' Cover Model Search.

Please read thoroughly as the voting format has changed.


Our goal in offering these contests is to provide a solid and unique online platform for you to showcase your personal achievements professionally, and to inspire others through your journey.

In return, our contests aim to raise exposure and awareness for our unique and organic empowering platform and movement. Unlike other online contests, we don't require you to follow us, if you don’t want to, or to participate in daily voting, or pay for votes.

Additionally, we also welcome direct story submissions for consideration as a cover model feature.

This is a two-week contest, with each phase lasting one week. The top three participants will be announced on February 13th, and the winner will be announced on February 20th.


The "Self-Love" Edition winner will receive:

  1. A professional photoshoot with Chief Photographer Ali Sohrab (valued at $1500)

  2. A 22”x 28 " cover poster print (valued at $60)

  3. A full pictorial feature sharing their journey

  4. The "I AM ALFA" Edition bamboo crop top from Public Myth (valued at $115)

To enter the contest, please follow these steps:

  • Submit 2-3 recent photos (with photographer consent, if applicable) to Paris at We will select one to be used for your complimentary contest banner on @iamalfa_official.

  • Write a brief explanation of why you consider yourself an ALFA, starting with "I AM ALFA because..."

  • Provide your Instagram handle (username).

To win Phase One:

  • Friends can place their vote by commenting on your banner in @iamalfa_covermodel page on Instagram.

  • Only comments/tags received on the @iamalfa_covermodel page will be counted towards the contest. Comments/tags on banners posted in personal accounts will not be considered.

  • Each friend can only comment once, and TAG AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE whom they consider to be ALFAs (excluding the contestant and celebrities). Additional comments would not be counted.

Note 1: The voting count is based on the number of approved comments. If less than 5 tags are made, the vote will not be counted.

Note 2: The contestant can also vote for themselves by commenting once and tagging at least 5 other ALFAs (excluding themselves and celebrities).

Cover Model Winner Announcement: February 20

The winner must be available for a photoshoot in Vancouver between February 21-28. If not, the runner-up will be selected.

Thank you for your dedication to inspiring others through your journey, and best of luck to all participants."

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