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I AM ALFA because I am 100% Persistent. When I set a goal, there is zero chance of me quitting. Fitness has changed not only my life, but my entire family’s life.

Photography by: ALI SOHRAB

Hair and Make up By: SHANNON PAYNE

My name is Becky Overbeck. Married to Jason Overbeck and homeschooling mother of three beautiful girls.

I am a fitness trainer. I opened The Babe Cave in 2013 from our basement, with just eight clients. We have expanded several times since then, and we have trained over 2000 clients so far. I’m Passionate, dedicated, and focused on making sure each client reaches their goals. No matter the time or energy needed, if someone needs my help, they will get it. No strings attached.

What are the qualities in you that you consider yourself to be an ALFA?

I AM ALFA because I am 100% Persistent. When I set a goal, there is zero chance of me quitting, or backing down. I will give it everything I’ve got and more.

What are the most rewarding things that Fitness has brought you?

Well fitness has changed not only my life, but my entire family’s life. My husband, and oldest daughter are certified fitness trainers, we lead a life of health and fitness. We became sponsored athletes with Magnum Nutraceuticals, allowing us to travel and experience so much. We have had the pleasure of helping so many others find a joy and passion in fitness. Motivating many to become trainers themselves. Fitness gives you a happier, more positive outlook on life. I hope to spread that to as any people as possible.

When was the most ALFA moment in your life?

One of the most Alfa moments in my life, was when I had to stand up to someone who had attempted to take control of my life and my fitness studio, telling them, that they no longer had power over me and that it was time to part ways.

What’s next for you?

I love training and helping others reach their fitness goals. I want to continue doing that. But I love fitness modelling, I would love to do more of that, I would love to get into acting. I dream of one day writing a book. A book that will hopefully motivate and inspire others. Hopefully shining a light and giving others hope and a path to follow.

Please share few things people don’t know about you.

My three favorite beverages are red wine, coffee and diet coke.

I love action movies, and get really amped up after I watch them.

I have multiple baths a day. I love baths.

I can feel people’s energy. Happy, sad, worried, pain I feel it all.

My heart always wants to help people, and make sure they are ok.

Please name few ALFA people you know.

1. Ali Sohrab

2. Markus Kaulius

3. Holly Bodkin

4. Rodney Jang

5. Jay Overbeck

What would be the ultimate tips you could share with everyone about life and health.

Set Goals. When you have goals, you have a direction to work towards.

Dream Bigger. Climb out of that dumb box you are in, and believe you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

Eat healthy foods. Fruit and vegetables. Drink more water. Take your vitamins. Exercise daily. Read motivational books. Surround yourself with positive people. Be kind. Be loyal. Love hard. Be grateful. Be thankful. Oh, and work your ass off ;)

What’s your favourite quote?


Where people can find you?

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