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Chelsea Iyeesha

I AM ALFA because I go after what I want. I have failed many times pursuing my goals, but have never cried about those failures. For all they did was teach me what not to do for the next time.

Photography by: ALI SOHRAB

My name is Chelsea Iyeesha. I am status Cree First Nation, British and Irish. I was born in Kamloops BC. I was the oldest of 3 kids to a single mom. I was in sea cadets growing up for almost 10 years, starting in Navy league at 10 before becoming the coxswain of RCSCC Captain Vancouver. This is Where I learned to sail, and was also a ticketed Diesel engineer. Today I work in Telecommunications as a mobile and home service, and fiber optics specialist. I was always athletic and also deeply committed to the military environment. I have been weight training for 18 years and have competed nationally and internationally in the Bikini Division since 2012 after winning the women’s BC provincial overall for that year. I have competed in the Arnold amateur as well as the North Americans, Ben Weider, as well as 6 Canadian Nationals.

I am ALFA because I go after what I want. Any goal I have ever set my mind to I have achieved. I have failed many times pursuing my goals, but have never cried about those failures. For all they did was teach me what not to do for the next time."

I stand up for what I believe in, but do my best to be inclusive and hear people out.

I have no problem admitting when I am wrong and apologize if I am. You have to be an alpha to be able to stand up and say I’ve made a mistake, and take Ownership Of that.

I don’t back down when I know that what I am putting out is right. I have no problem going out on a limb on my own for what I believe even if I am standing alone. I am outgoing and confident.

The most rewarding part about helping others is the sincere thanks I get from people when something I have shared or showed them makes a significant difference in their wellbeing. It’s fulfilling knowing I have helped someone improve their quality of life.
The most ALFA moment in my life for me came when I gave up eating meat and animal products for good. I used to have such a love hate relationship with food. I ate fast food and a lot of processed junk before going vegan, but I had no idea at that time the pain and suffering my food choices caused animals. Going Vegan I finally felt in control, mind body and spirit.

When I decided to stop eating meat it was only supposed to be for a weekend. It was suggested by a spiritual teacher of mine who suggested we avoid meat for the weekend.

Three days turned into 4 then 7

Shortly after that I made the connection between the food on my plate and the animals.

It was like a light went off

It was no longer about me and my tastebuds, now it was about the animals.

Please share few things people don’t know about you. I don’t like people touching my face. I don’t like clowns. I cannot watch horror movies or even the commercials for them. I close my eyes and plug my ears when one comes on. I have 2 younger brothers. I collect miniatures, From tiny Tabasco sauces to Chanel Lipstick. I worked at the PNE when I was 14 painting temporary tattoos.

Please name few ALFA people you know.

Angelina Jolie, and Cardi B.

What would be the ultimate tips you could share with everyone about life and health.

The ultimate tips would be to do your own research, to read as many books on different diets, nutrition and health modalities that you can. Look up and read articles; take a little something from everything you read, and apply it to your life. Everyone is different, so be flexible and be open minded.

What's your favourite quote?

If you want to be trusted, be honest.

Where people can find you?

INSTAGRAM: ms_chelsea__

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