Garreth Benjamin

I AM ALFA because I defeat myself everyday while staying real and giving 100%. I slipped into a dark depression after rupturing my bicep.I went from 180 to 250 lbs.

Photography by: ALI SOHRAB

I was born into an athletic, cricket loving family in Cape town, South Africa. I played semi-professionally and made the Canadian junior team. Through a number of injuries and personal affairs I made the decision to stop playing cricket professionally.

I slipped into a dark depression after rupturing my bicep (it had completely detached from my shoulder and required surgery to repair). I went from 180 to 250lbs during this time and I knew that I could either accept this terrible fate or do something about it.

The long journey to rehabilitation started and I was slowly gaining my strength back.

Fast forward to the past year, I set a goal to enter the NPAA men's physique show. I had no idea what I was really getting myself into but the competitive spirit in me gave it all I had. Not only did I achieve my goal of competing but I surpassed it when I placed first in the Men’s Physique, earning my NPAA elite pro card. Earning this title and being an NPAA member has welcomed me to an extremely supportive and encouraging community of individuals who inspire me to be better than I was yesterday. I discovered that by sharing my journey and showing the struggle, hard work, and dedication that it takes to see your dreams be reality, it can serve as an inspiration to others. This year I have my eyes set on gracing the stage in Calgary for the NPAA Canada Classic. I’ve learned a lot from the first show I entered and am hoping to apply some of the lessons and insights taken from that experience to lead me to a new level of personal success come show time in May.

I AM ALFA because I defeat myself everyday while staying real and giving 100%. I hope my journey can inspire and empower others to find their Alfa.

What are the most rewarding things that Fitness has brought you?

Fitness has brought me a sense of accomplishment -- knowing that the time and effort I dedicate to the gym and nutrition is revealing itself through my body. The energy and vitality I feel from being dedicated to fitness is something that no supplement or money can give -and that, to me, is quite rewarding!

When was the most alfa moment in your life, and why?

The moment I heard my name announced that I had won the Men’s physique pro card. It had validated all my hard work and made all the sacrifices worth it.

What’s next for you?