Janeth Del Cid Matloch

I AM ALFA because I help men and women rise and find themselves. I came to the United States for a better future, and make my dreams a reality.

Photography by: ALI SOHRAB

Hair and Make up By: SHANNON PAYNE

My name is Janeth. I was born and raised in the Republic of Panama. I have lived in the United States since 1996 and resided in Georgia, Hawaii and Florida. I came from a family of farmers. We own a Coffee Plantation in Bajo Mono and made our living from harvesting and selling coffee, amongst other vegetables.

I came to the United States for a better future, to expand my wings and make my dreams a reality.

While in the United States, I accomplished my scholar goals of graduating a University with a Bachelor Degree and Minor in Forensics. I am in the process of starting my Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

I have been a Law Enforcement Officer for 16 years and have proudly served in numerous positions within the Police Department. Although I love being a Police Officer, I believe we should all have our separate life or “hobbies” to keep us sane.

What does it mean to you to train your clients?

I have always been an avid sports woman. Primarily in soccer, running and swimming. What started for me as a hobby has become my lifestyle. 13 years ago, I decided to become a Personal Trainer through AFFA in order to help others achieve their fitness goals. I primarily taught fitness classes like, spinning, kickboxing, strength training and TRX and one on one personal training clients.

In 2016, I decided to take my fitness life to a new level and decided to compete in the WBFF bikini category in Miami Florida. To my surprise, I placed first and won my PRO Status. Since then, I have been competing on the WBFF Professional Fitness Model Category.