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Guinnevere Field

I AM ALFA because I am breaking down barriers and revolutionizing how the world views older women.

Photographer: Ali Sohrab

Hair & Make up: Shannon Payne

You see me today, empowered, confident, successful…. I wasn’t always this way, too often the ones we are inspired by, are the ones who’ve been challenged the most. I’ve overcome many obstacles in life, and I feel that at 49 I’m only just beginning. My mindset is so focused and strong. I’m so proud of the women I’ve become. Empowered. Confident. And with the knowledge that I hold the power to live a life of health and happiness.

I’m a survivor of attempted murder. The doctors at the hospital called me an ‘Act of God’ to have survived the impact when I jumped out of my attacker’s vehicle to escape. It was my strength of spirit that kept me alive.

A survivor, a roller coaster life stemming from childhood abuse and neglect. My coping skills led to anorexia and a lifetime of never feeling skinny enough. At my worst I weighed less than 80lbs, and was a skeleton, sitting down hurt because I was just skin and bones. It was my strength of spirit that broke that cycle. Currently weighing a healthy 139 lbs.

A survivor. I never lost my heart even though I knew I wasn’t living my best, or even a good life. I knew I had to make changes within myself, if I ever wanted to live the life I deserved. With the love and support of my husband and my passion for fitness and positive thinking, I am here today. Strong and empowered. Leading the path for women to follow. Women that society tells are too old ,or too broken to succeed. I am here to show them that there is a way, the path to health and happiness lies within themselves.

I AM ALFA because I am breaking down barriers and revolutionizing how the world views older women.

What are the most rewarding things that Fitness has brought you?

Confidence. The ability to know that I can do anything I put my mind to. To know that I will crush my goals when I put in consistent effort.

When was the most ALFA moment in your life?

When I stopped using my past for an excuse as to why I couldn’t, I realized I had the power to succeed all along.

How has the pandemic impacted your daily life and what did you learn from it?

Like many. The forced lockdown was difficult on my psyche. I used this time to address some personal demons and developed a healthier more positive mindset. Shadow work, and being honest with myself are two things that have helped me so much.

Who would you like to inspire the most and why? I want to inspire all women to lift weights, live healthier lives and be empowered. But women over 45 even more so. There is a stereotype of women my age, I defy that standard and I want inspire women to do so as well.

Please share up to 5 things people don’t know about you. I’m super smart but also super goofy. Music was my first language and I’m very eclectic in my tastes. I’m an incredible cook and food is my love language. I am not religious but deeply spiritual.

Please name few ALFA people you know.

My husband. Strength, confidence and ambition. The perfect trifecta.

My Aunt. Defying societal standards and living her life her way.

Who would like to thank and what are their contribution to your life? My incredible husband. My second heart. This man not only supports my dreams and ambitions, but encourages me to crush my goals. He has helped me to learn how to have a new mindset, to see the positive. Having his love and support have helped me during those moments of doubt and insecurity.

What would be the ultimate tips you could share with everyone about LIFE in general? I would say to see the positive!!! Think positive. Envision success!!!

What are the most attractive attributes in a person?

Physically? A great laugh. Personality wise? Confidence.

Your top favourite quote:


Where can people find you?

Instagram: @lady.guinnevere

Facebook: Guinnevere Field

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