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Juliana VALLEE

I AM ALFA because everything that I have gone through in life has made me into the person I am today, I lead by example the way I would like for my children to be when faced with challenges.

Photography by: ALI SOHRAB

I was born in Vancouver, grew up in North Burnaby and now reside in Coquitlam with my four children, Zoe 18, Josh 14, Noah 10 and Oli 9. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the end of 2017 and underwent brain surgery in May of 2018 and radiation therapy in August of 2018.

During radiation therapy, I continued to train and then competed at the Popeye’s Fall Classic just two months after where I was awarded “Most Inspirational Award” and landed in the 2019 Spring issue of a fitness magazine. Many would view being diagnosed with a brain tumour as unfortunate, however, I believed otherwise. I believe everything happens for a reason and people come into your life as a reason.

The brain tumour, to me, was a gift. A gift that has empowered me to become who I am today.

All the challenges and adversities I’ve had in my life has given me the power and strength to grow into ME. Through my life journey, I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I AM ALFA because I live with a brain tumour. It is a part of me and I accept it as a part of me. I am proud to say I am a single mom to four beautiful children. I lead by example the way I would like for my children to be when faced with challenges.

Having high self-awareness, I am able to quickly overcome and concur challenges and by using these challenges as lessons for growth. I’ve been practicing freeing myself from limitations and boundaries, using challenges and pain to propel me forward and having a no excuse mindset.

I am thankful that I'm not where I used to be. I've outgrown so much and I am still learning. I've survived so much which made me stronger and more aware. I've made it this far... The best is yet to come...

What are the most rewarding things that Fitness has brought you? The most rewarding things fitness has brought me is making me feel and look good which helps with strengthening me mentally and emotionally to help me when faced with challenges. It also provides me an outlet and gives me something positive to focus on.

When was the most alfa moment in your life, and why? As a single mother of four children and being diagnosed when a brain tumour early 2018, I told myself I will do whatever it takes and I will have no excuses.

What’s next for you? Life is a journey…not a destination. My focus is continuing to challenge growth in all areas of my life – health, relationships, spiritual growth, personal growth, business growth and building wealth through real estate.

Please share up to 5 things people don’t know about you.

I am trained, have competed in and have earned black belt in numerous disciplines of martial arts including Muy Thai kickboxing, Wushu and boxing since the age of 6.

I’ve always been self-employed and never had a job

I am extremely impatient

I love racing motorbikes

I am blind in my left eye, have nerve damage to the left side of my face, have limited hearing in my left ear, have short and long term memory challenges, to name just a few of the results from the surgery and radiation therapy….but grateful that I am ALIVE.

Please name up to 5 Alfa people you know.

Ben Kinney (Friend & Coach)

Phil Hahn (Friend & Mentor)

David Goggins (Author of Can’t Hurt Me)

Kelsey Carignan (Friend & Fellow Tumour Warrior)

What would be the ultimate tips you could share with everyone about life and health? There is no such thing as a balanced life. What we need to do is counterbalance – having that awareness to shift our energy where it is needed. Having said that, our health is our wealth. Some people focus too much on work and money, and neglect their health. Without health, we have nothing.

Your favourite quote

“People ask how I do it… I answer – Whatever it fucking takes!” ~ Juliana Vallee

Where people can find you?


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